Every shipment into the U.S. has to clear Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at its Port of Entry. CBP is responsible to make the final certification for customs clarification and collection of tariffs and duties. While it may seem plausible to you which classification your product fits, it often times products cannot be clearly identified by the officers and varying rates of duties may be applied to shipments.

In order to mitigate this risk and uncertainty, CBP issues Binding Rulings in connection with the importation of merchandise into the United States.  Binding Rulings provide the international trade community with a transparent and efficient means of understanding how CBP will treat a prospective import or carrier transaction in the future. 

NAVIGO as your partner for market entry into the U.S. will file your Binding Ruling Request with CBP. We will gather necessary information from you, facilitate all communication with CBP and forward any ruling decisions to you.

Generally, we need the following information from you to get started:

  • General product description, including part numbers and material
  • Description of basic functionality
  • Diagrams & schematic drawings
  • Pictures of product showing most angles and size

We will take the information and bring it into a form acceptable to submit to CBP officers. We will argue for the ideal classification under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) and provide CBP with additional proof as necessary. It is possible that they require a product sample for further inspection.

Especially patented and highly technical products can often times not clearly be categorized. A Binding Ruling Decision provides certainty for continued import to the United States. Please contact your Trade Specialist at NAVIGO if you have any questions or concerns.