The U.S. market

The U.S. market with 325 million potential customers and a GDP of approximately 18,560 billion US-Dollars is not only the most attractive foreign market for European products, but also the biggest single (domestic) market. An educated workforce, company-friendly tax policies and public incentives, as well as large consumer spending habits of Americans, are important reasons to enter the U.S. market.

Market Entry

Market entry to the highly competitive U.S. market requires extensive planning and implementing the correct strategy. In most cases, a target-group oriented marketing and visits to industry specific trade shows are very important in the U.S. marketplace. Marketing budgets tend to be larger than in Germany. Local customer support and contact through a U.S. subsidiary is a relevant factor in successful market entry.


Establishing your own subsidiary in the United States does not require extensive notary services and is very easy process. A subsidiary minimizes liability and can create financial advantages, due to a beneficial taxation of profits – if a comprehensive bilateral tax analysis was done. The distance and time difference to Europe also require a local representative.



NAVIGO supports you during all steps of your market entry from strategic planning to execution of market entry operations to establishing your own manufacturing facility in the United States. We work very closely with international tax advisors and law firms.

The Business Incubator program supports your organization with local business development, provides you with an existing infrastructure and a network of valuable contacts and industry experts to achieve the fastest time-to-market possible. NAVIGO customizes every market entry strategy specifically to your organization.

NAVIGO has extensive experience in Life Sciences, automotive manufacturing, food & beverages, lifestyle products, renewable energies and energy efficiency. 

Below are some example of how NAVIGO’s team is able to assists your organization: