NAVIGO will analyze your market and spotlight important aspects of your industry unique to the U.S. market. Based on these findings we will develop a tailored sales and marketing concept for your business.

However, if you already have U.S. experience or deliver goods to the USA, we can develop a holistic business strategy for you. NAVIGO will evaluate your existing operations and make suggestions based on our findings. Sometimes an outside perspective is all you need to succeed.

We will answer the following questions:

  • What size is the market for your products in the next coming years?
  • Which operating costs will you encounter in the USA?
  • What laws and regulations govern your market?
  • Which regional trends and developments are influencing the market?
  • Who are the domestic and international competitors in the USA?
  • Who and where are potential clients?
  • How are the market and sales channels structured?
  • How can you best market your products in the USA?

The answers to your questions regarding U.S. market entry will be documented in a complete written report.