NAVIGO has extensive experience across a wide variety of industries. In total we have assisted clients that invested approx. $1.4bn and created about 3,700 jobs over the last 5 years. Below is a list of recent projects in which we have assisted clients:

Industry Capex Jobs Location
Automotive Stamping $16m 160 Alabama
Engine Parts Automotive $11.5m 58 Michigan
Powertrain Components $18m 105 Alabama
Adhesives $5m 105 New Mexico
Automotive Interiors $17m 250 Michigan
Powertrain Components $140m 300 Mississippi
Cosmetics $38m 450 Tennessee
Metal & Plastics Components Automotive $17.5m 121 Kentucky
Plastic Injection Molding, Automotive $43m 300 Kentucky
Metal Parts, Material Moving Equipment
80 Texas
Energy & Construction Materials $90m 425 Georgia
Plastic Injection Molding, Automotive $27m 200 Georgia
Automotive Stamping $12.6m 65 South Carolina
Oil & Gas $925m 675 Louisiana
Food $20m 150 Tennessee
Automotive Stamping $22m 174 Michigan
Automotive Logistics $33m 100 South Carolina