NAVIGO is one of the most recognized site selection consultants for Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. We can assist your company to identify the most suitable site to realize your U.S. operation.

The data set and location factors for your project are complex. NAVIGO will collect and evaluate a complex set of location factors including operating expenses, utility costs, logistics, work force, technical aspects about the site, shell building or existing building, and other important factors.

Furthermore, NAVIGO will handle all communication, documentation, project management and negotiation with regional, local and state-level partners. Our process ensures that the resulting set of locations has been vetted and is fitting according to your requirements.

NAVIGO partners with a team of successful international law and CPA firms to provide you with the complete knowledge you need to establish U.S. manufacturing operations and headquarter.

NAVIGO can provide the following support:

  • Important decision and key factors several years prior to your anticipated start of site selection
  • Define project scope and project parameters
  • Define geographic target region
  • Consult about best practices to establish U.S. operations
  • Create and a Request for Information (RFI) to Economic Development Partners
  • Document and evaluate response to
  • Evaluate real estate proposals
  • Organize, prepare and participate in site visits and meetings with state and local authorities
  • Negotiate government incentives, work force training, environmental permits, etc.
  • Organize and participate in final negotiations with state & local authorities, building owners & relevant decision-makers

Let NAVIGO guide you through the competitive landscape of Economic Development, Site Selection and Financial Incentives.